Financial Articles by Michel Santi

The most important job in the world?

Economists on the verge of nervous breakdown

Japan: a sleeping beauty

There is life outside of work

The real power, the one that counts: that of the new monarchs

The other major consequence of the Coronavirus!

The duty of financial intervention

Working 4 days to work better

May this crisis be an opportunity!

700 years of interest rates to predict the future

Austerity is not an inevitability !

This might not be a crisis!

The Monetary Theory of Happiness

The death of money, as you once knew it

Covid-China-19: we will not forget

The consequences of coronavirus for dummies in economics and finance

Turning the tables after the virus

The testament of a disillusioned economist

Oil: what a brutal world!

We, the barbarians

The Saudi/US pact: reflection of a vulnerable America

Keynes to the rescue for Lebanon

Brexit: the irreversible decline of a proud nation

This Japan that won’t stop surprising us

Sanctions are testaments of American supremacy

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