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A smart investment

Is it possible to make a smart investment, meaning one that is particularly well protected from financial storms and crises, capable of bypassing the troubles in the banking system? And what is more, an investment promoting responsible capitalism – capitalism that also builds and encourages innovation and beauty; is it utopian? No, it is not. On the contrary, we believe it is the new way of investing money; a sound and successful investment that makes our society grow in consciousness and beauty. It makes it grow by promoting both investment and art. Let's take a closer look at this together.

A smart investment

Today, frankly, we don’t know which reality to believe anymore. Our daily lives are turned upside down. Our values are shaken up. Our beliefs are challenged. And our banking system sometimes seems like it’s hanging by a thread. We dream of a smart investment. But how to proceed?

Let’s be honest, this is a hair-tearing matter for any serious investor. States are discreetly – but seriously – protecting themselves in many different ways. If there was to be something worse than a storm – a hurricane – we would have a lot of trouble protecting our assets while we weather the storm, waiting for the calm.

So, are we left powerless, just watching the sky become dark, threatening with a cyclone? We are not. Here at Art Trading & Finance, we believe in the power of finance combined with art, in the power of art at the service of finance and vice-versa, because it goes both ways.

Art at the service of finance

Art at the service of finance: this obviously matches the classic vision of financial investments. Is there anything more pleasing for an investor than investing in a piece of art and later retrieving his investment in addition of a capital gain?

It is pleasing; and also classic, in a way. Although it is hard to find people who can advise you on both your financial investments and the field of art.

Yet, this may well be a purpose for an investor. He is interested in art as a financial product from which he intends to make a profit. And that's all there is to it. This is quite respectable and does not detract from the beauty of the investment.

Finance at the service of art

Among investors, there are also art enthusiasts. True lovers of beautiful artworks and coherent artistic projects. For instance, works of artists from emerging countries, where they have long been held under a tight grip by an authoritarian system. And who suddenly, thanks to a change of regime, are able to spread their wings and to show the power and strength of their talent.

For these investors, while they obviously intend to make money, they are also proud to participate, in their own way, in the development of an artistic career. Thanks to their investment, the world of art hears about a new creator. What an honor it is to be able to spot talent and make it grow by promoting it!

These investors, like the first ones, purchase art as an investment for their estate. They are also enthusiasts, connoisseurs, researchers and promoters of talent. For profit, but also for the pleasure of being involved in an artistic reality. For example, they can meet the artist face to face, with ATF. They can discuss current projects. They can support a project and sometimes also influence a vision. Even if we must admit that an artist rarely lets himself be dictated! And it is also true that you can recognize a true artist by his artistic style as well as by his strong personality.

But that is also the whole point. It is about human interaction. An interaction which is nourished by communication, by the strength of the dialogues between the artist and his investor, who sometimes follows him on a long journey...

The in-between

The in-between also exists. It is common. There are investors who are interested without being absolutely passionate; who are aware that the current system is unlikely to survive the crises that are shaking us up. Who are rightly concerned about the sustainability of the investment of their assets.

These investors want to build with the world. It pleases them to know that the investment of their money, which is profitable for them, is also a real opportunity for an artist whose talent will be highlighted in this way.

It is true that such an investment generates great social recognition. What could be more pleasant for a person who wishes to invest his savings than to be considered as a kind of patron? This is indeed the case, even if it is also a patronage that can – and this is ATF's objective – prove to be particularly profitable!

Experts in both fields

This profitable patronage is possible thanks to the work of Art Trading & Finance. Michel Santi is an outstanding financier, recognized and particularly seasoned. He knows how to propose very interesting financial investments.

He is also an art collector who also knows, with his expertise in both finance and art, how to suggest diversity based on four pillars that proved to be successful.

As an independent advisor to central banks, a head of a flourishing company in the banking world and an author of many avant-garde books in the field of finance, Michel Santi has been able to combine these two activities to the delight of his clients.

This is why, with his team, he now puts his energy into advising his investors with an unfailing vision and intuition. This is all the more important today when the ever-changing world requires us to think differently. To invest differently. To invest cleverly.

If you wish to know more about the way we work and the substantial capital gain we can bring you, please feel free to contact us.

Your team at ATF


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