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An alternative investment

Investing money today has become a real headache. You possess an estate. But how do you invest it in a lasting way and minimizing the risk? Well, you are at the right place here, because Art Trading & Finance offers you an alternative investment: an investment that builds the future and truly creates value for everyone. Is this possible? Absolutely, it was just a matter of clever thinking. And of combining two skills, art and finance, which, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other. And yet, it allows you to grow your investment.

An alternative investment

Combining finance and art is a true global solution for your medium or long term investments. This way, you are safe from any banking crisis, which happened several times in recent history.

To invest well is to anticipate.

Art Trading & Finance, which was founded by two entrepreneurs who became successful after building an SME of nearly 40 employees in the financial sector in Geneva, isn’t new to the business. Quite the opposite: for many years, it has worked to blend the art and financial skills together.

Michel Santi has been passionate about art for more than 30 years. It is a passion that lasts and which has led him to frequent auction rooms. Today, he makes his clients benefit from this experience. With his financial, intuitive and innovative mindset, he knows how to add value to your assets.

A very efficient team at your service

With this art and finance configuration, ATF has a winning team and achieves success. The enthusiasm that led the founders to create their first company is also the beacon that guides you in your choices and your questions.

Indeed, getting off the beaten track raises questions. Moving away from one-track thinking allows you to rethink problems and find new solutions. You do have questions, of course. And Art Trading & Finance is happy to answer them.

Should I invest in contemporary artists or rather in well established artists, who are safe bets? How can I convert my possession into money the day I need it? What are the necessary insurances? Is it better for a painting to live its life on a wall at home or in a museum? Or rather to let it rest in a well-guarded warehouse? What are the pros and cons of each situation?

A tailor-made service for you

Indeed, Art Trading & Finance can provide you with a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs. And the ATF team has the necessary hindsight to advise you while keeping a cool head. This is what gave birth to its slogan: "Invest with emotion".

Investing our assets requires examining the many variables at play before doing so. You could get carried away by your enthusiasm and lose financial performance by acquiring an artwork at too high a price.

Art Trading & Finance is here to protect you from such risk. The amount that we decided upon together is never exceeded and is determined after a financial analysis that takes into

account many variables. Art Trading & Finance explains the ins and outs of the operation to you, and, thanks to it, you can only achieve success.

Do not invest lightly

The work we do for you is therefore completely done. This is about your estate. Therefore, it is crucial that the operation is profitable for you and that, in the end, you are satisfied with your acquisition.

That said, it is also possible to take pleasure in investing. Purchasing a painting that you like, that you can exhibit at home, is a pleasure for the eyes. Putting it on display in a museum is a pleasure for the heart. And it is also a way to add value to the acquired artwork, since the certificate received at the end of this exhibition is a real improvement for the name of the artist and his work.

Contemporary artists are, of course, values in the making. It is on these rising values that financial performance can be the most impressive. They can complete and enrich a classic portfolio.

What is particularly impactful and touching about this alternative investment is that it has a positive effect on everyone involved. This is why it is truly an investment for the future.

The beauty of this alternative investment

The benefits of this unique investment are many, and we list them below:

· The pleasure of investing in a work of art rather than a purely conventional financial product

· The profit, which can be higher than that of a classic investment

· The joy of supporting artists of your choice while ensuring that your initial investment is

long-lasting and growing

· The privilege of being a happy and lucky precursor

· The satisfaction of taking part in the new world that awaits us

Art Trading & Finance has the experience to say that we can blend disciplines together to make your assets flourish. Work done with passion is highly effective.

Emotion is energy, and it makes everything grow; including your assets, as long as you keep a cool head. This is exactly what Art Trading & Finance is offering.

In order to enter directly into this now successful reality, we suggest you to make an appointment for a first meeting with no obligation.

And if you wish to know more about Michel Santi, you can also read his blog in which he shares his innovative thoughts. It is a great help for the profitability of your investments.

Your team at ATF


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