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Financial investment - an interesting idea

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When it comes to financial investment, we must get off the beaten track in order to win. And we must do so without taking foolhardy risks, which are not acceptable for an investor looking to make his property profitable. All right, but how? This is the question we will answer in this article, thanks to this interesting idea.

Financial investment - an interesting idea

Of course, you already know the classic approaches by heart. Purchasing shares, betting on the exchange rates, investing in real estate and many others. But when it comes to financial investment, is it an interesting idea to venture straight into the art market?

It is. Assuming you have found the right experts. But art enthusiasts don’t have a financial vision of things. For the art experts, you purchase a painting because you like it. These experts often struggle to give you a return on investment when you purchase a piece of art.

So, art and finance are generally disconnected from each other. But why is that? Indeed, art is the pleasure of the eyes, the joy of possessing a beautiful painting and exhibiting it, of showing it to your entourage and of displaying both the success and the taste for culture of its owner.

And that’s it? No, precisely. That’s not all.

Investing with emotion: financial art dealers are your guides

We notice that art dealers who also have a good knowledge of finance are few and far between. And this is why Art Trading & Finance got into this fascinating niche, after 15 years at the head of an SME of nearly 40 employees. The bosses built a solid company in the field of finance. They could have kept managing the assets they patiently accumulated.

But, the founders of Art Trading & Finance showed that they have a pioneer spirit combined with the experience and the ability to establish realistic objectives. With a strong will to make their clients benefit from their investments.

Indeed, you see, the desire to surpass themselves is what always keeps them going. In the last 25 years, they have developed a huge knowledge of the art market. A passion that became so important that they chose to make it their main activity. With the same dedication they had in their previous business; always striving for perfection.

At the same time, they remain active on the financial markets, since one of the founders, Michel Santi, a renowned economist, is an advisor for central banks. He writes books on economics, often against the flow of conventional vision. Without fear, he develops his theories, usually way ahead of his fellow economists who are more in the norm. Michel Santi positions himself with courage and is almost always right ahead of time. Following his advice on investment is therefore a good idea.

A major concept

Michel Santi and Christian-Marc Keller have first acquired a solid experience as heads of a company, being successful by thinking out of the box. And they did so is in the field of finance, which has many rules that are necessary but sometimes restrictive.

In order to adapt to change in our society, it is necessary and important to trust pragmatic and intuitive entrepreneurs, who have vision and new ideas. Investing in art has become a major concept in the diversification of portfolios.

When we have the spirit of an entrepreneur, we have it forever; that’s how it is. Michel Santi and Christian-Marc Keller have such a spirit. And they decided to take advantage of their skills in finance and art to make a powerful combination: making connections that others don’t see, because these are different fields. Art Trading & Finance sees how combining these two fields can be really profitable for their clients.

A financial investment in art, intuition and an essential and secure diversification

Art Trading & Finance puts the emphasis on excellence, expertise and rigor; motivated by a passion for art. Art for the love of culture. But also art with the warmth of the heart and the cold eye of the financier who is looking to diversify his purchases. With seriousness. With truly deep reflection; a reflection based on the combination of the two cerebral hemispheres, the left and right brain.

When some banks supposedly infallible are going bankrupt, this diversification can really be useful to clients who don’t always know what the best approach is!

Since over 25 years, Michel Santi and Christian-Marc Keller meet with international artists, in very different areas and cultures. Discovering these artists allowed Art Trading & Finance to invest in their nascent and promising careers, in developing countries for example. That way, they achieve two objectives: the joy of allowing talents to be successful and to exhibit their work, and of allowing their ratings to skyrocket.

For instance, this is how a Cuban artist, discovered over 10 years ago, is now exhibited in all his creative power, increasing his value tenfold!

All the tips to serve your interests in investment

This double financial and artistic expertise is truly at the service of your interests. Whether you want to contemplate this painting at home or deposit it in a safe place as an investment for your property or for your children, everything is possible.

Art Trading & Finance takes care of absolutely everything, if you so desire. With all their trustworthy connections, shipping, storage, insurance or promotion of goods, for example, are all within the realm of Art Trading & Finance’s abilities.

To take a more detailed example, Art Trading & Finance manages the purchase of the art pieces of your choice, in order to prevent your emotions from making you spend more than what you would normally accept. Because art takes us to emotion. But investing with emotion is an art! That is, by the way, the slogan of Art Trading & Finance: “Invest with emotion”.

Investing in a solid value or an emerging artist: two complementary visions

Michel Santi and Christian-Marc Keller are experts in the world of art. Of course, they advise you according to your personal taste. Thanks to their knowledge of art, they are able to find for you the artists of tomorrow. Interesting artists, culture-wise and finance-wise. They know how to promote artists who have a true message. And they support and sponsor talent with authenticity. Because authenticity is always touching.

Art Trading & Finance is a cutting-edge business in the art market; as well as in the world of finance, that allowed this Swiss SME to develop very quickly and with a true vision of the future. Vision is essential in the world of art; especially when it comes to investing, because those who invest both in a safe and avant-gardist way are the winners of tomorrow. Let’s say it: they understood it all.

A solid value, like a famous painter or sculptor, won’t give you many surprises, obviously. The artist will maintain his rating. His prices will certainly increase, especially if you put your trust in Art Trading & Finance, who will help you add value to your purchase.

In these somewhat uncertain times, it is a very beautiful thing because, in some parts of the world, a painting of great value can be worth more than a bank account suffering from deflation.

Your property is therefore safe, protected from misfortune. In the case of an emergent artist, there can be many good surprises for your portfolio and your investment can grow tenfold, or more, in a few years. Art Trading & Finance follows the evolution of many artists, measures their progression and advises you accordingly.

The energy that drives the two founders of Art Trading & Finance is reflected in the solidity of their decisions, always very wise. The company always adapts to your choices; all the while bringing to your attention the multiple elements that must be considered in order for your investment to be profitable.

Making an innovative financial investment can prove to be a safeguard for your portfolio, in a world that has become increasingly uncertain.

It will be our pleasure here at Art Trading & Finance to talk about it with you in person. Feel free to contact us to get more information and to learn about the most recent investment opportunities.

Your team ATF


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