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Investing in artworks

Is investing in artworks of a good idea? Today, we do believe it is an excellent idea. Who are we? We are Art Trading & Finance, a Swiss company active and specialized in two fields, art and finance. Indeed, you must be a seasoned player in both these disciplines in order to offer a quality service and to allow your clients to make profits in an original and serious way. These days, as our society is at a loss of its bearings, this also applies to financial investments. We must rethink the protection of our hard-earned wealth and savings. Art is an investment that can be very profitable when it is done with the help of professionals. Which we are, here at Art Trading & Finance.

Investing in artworks

Clearly, investing in artworks is truly an idea for people who think smart. It takes a certain amount of audacity to dare. Yet, it is one of the safest investments we can make in this day and age.

Why is that? Let’s just remember that many countries have passed laws limiting the bank deposits of private individuals in the event of a crisis. Thus, by the signing of simple political decree, the fruit of a lifetime’s hard work, hard-earned savings, could partially vanish.

Therefore, investing in art becomes like the redemption of a world that has gone a little mad, a world that goes haywire.

A lifeline

Art and finance go well together when both are managed by professionals. This is, by the way, what investors are having a hard time finding because, when our bank accounts are threatened, combining art and finance seems to have become the obvious solution.

Thus, once we have found the right experts, investing in artworks is indeed a true lifeline when we are faced with the uncertainty of these strange times; times when humanity seems to be going downhill. This situation is obviously concerning in every way.

Here at ATF, art and finance professionals, led by the economist, entrepreneur, art dealer and essayist Michel Santi, are there to help you make the right choice and to allow you to diversify your assets and to weather the storm with serenity.

Financially relevant artistic choices

ATF understands especially well the different positions of their clients. Some wish, above all, to preserve their estate: in this case, we will choose safe bets. Others are mainly driven by their love for art and are also interested in a return on investment, something very important for the client as well as ATF: in this case, emergent artists whose rate can skyrocket are an option to consider.

Whatever the investment amount, Art Trading & Finance always has the right solution. For that matter, as one of the company’s two founders always says: “there are no problems, there are only solutions!”

Thus, obstacles are overcome as ATF systematically finds the solutions to the problems with swiftness and pragmatism. Depending on the client’s choice, it is recommended to purchase an artwork that will travel; to obtain museum certificates, which will increase the value of the object and, thus, the wealth of its owner.

Whether it is insurance certificates, contacting museums or secure warehouses, everything is taken care of in a serious and professional way by ATF, who combines love for art with a sharp financial expertise.

Charts and paintings!

Michel Santi, one of the two founders of this fine company, is one of the best experts in this trendy business which requires a sharp expertise. With the support of his team, he knows how to associate geopolitical concepts with financial charts analyzing the performance of a particular artist over the last fifty years; all the while never losing sight of the emotional value of a work of art.

Michel Santi is therefore a particularly clever founder. An economist, essayist and successful head of a flourishing company – a small business of around forty employees in the field of finance founded in Geneva – he is also a thinker and, above all, a precursor. His books, prefaced, for instance, by Edgar Morin, are a true breath of fresh air in an economy that repeats itself without much imagination.

Coming from a family of diplomats, he knew how to adapt to the system while getting out – with elegance and, above all, efficiency – from the commonplace ideas that lead to disaster. He knows how to think further and, most of all, more broadly. In a serious and pragmatic way, he offers this added value to his clients, who see in him and in ATF a real opportunity in a more and more depressed world.

The ATF founders’ analyses don’t bother with feelings but take emotion into account.

Invest with emotion

This is precisely why “Invest with emotion” is one of ATF’s mottos: it is about letting ourselves be moved by emotions when we have the spirit of an artist and we want to invest in art. But we must never let emotions get the better of us. We should listen to our emotions without letting them take control of the investment.

This is why Michel Santi goes to auctions himself. In agreement with his client, he never goes beyond what is reasonable, beyond a price which turns an investment purchase into a purchase for pleasure.

And, after all, why not purchasing for pleasure. But that is the client’s business. ATF is commissioned to allow the client to get a return from a different, original, but, most of all, very serious investment.

On that topic, feel free to read the article about the four-pillar method which has been so often tested by ATF. It has proven successful many times.

Finally, you can contact ATF for a meeting with no obligation. We will be happy to answer you.

Your team at ATF


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