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Investing in tangible assets

With the coronavirus crisis, the economy is flooded with cash as a result of the various stimulus packages. This has led to a stock market rise that is completely out of sync with the concrete reality of the economy. As a result, the rise will obviously be followed by a fall, or even worse, according to Art Trading & Finance's analysis. Indeed, this decline is logical and necessarily programmed in an already written future. Therefore, if you have a property that you rightly wish to preserve, it is imperative to have a longer term vision, to be smart, and invest in tangible assets. Including works of art, with the help of experts in both fields, art and finance.

Investing in tangible assets

We believe that investing in tangible assets is both a necessity and an opportunity in these troubled times, even with relatively modest assets. Indeed, as an alert and consistent investor, you cannot wait without reacting for the system to regulate itself to its detriment.

Considering the situation as a whole, the situation today is so tense that you have to resort to safe values that you can touch and acquire. Real estate today, on the eve of major changes, does not seem like a good idea to us. We saw this in 2008, even beyond the subprime crisis.

Indeed, when many people have to sell goods because of a financial crisis, it is certainly not the time to try to sell one's own property, if it was meant to be an investment. Because then, as in a famous fable from Jean de la Fontaine, we find ourselves crying over spilt milk!

It is important to anticipate things in the particular situation that our society is experiencing today. Those who will fare best will be those who have had this ability to anticipate.

You aspire to secure your investment. This is quite normal. We suggest you to invest in art.

Investing in art thanks to experts

Investing in art, by acquiring a work of art, requires knowledge of both the fields of finance and art. Both of them. It requires knowing how to intelligently combine these two skills. Very few financiers know how to do this, due to a lack of knowledge.

However, a fine analysis of these two fields allows for particularly interesting investments in these complicated times. This is what Art Trading & Finance, a Geneva-based financial company specializing in art investment, offers you.

How did we come up with the idea of combining art and finance? Quite simple: out of passion. Michel Santi, one of its two founders, is a renowned economist. He is the co-creator of a first SME in the finance sector in Geneva.

As a flourishing entrepreneur, he had up to forty employees in his first business. As an art enthusiast his whole life, he developed his passion for art and combined it with the field of finance.

A wide range of knowledge on both aspects

Michel Santi knows how to evaluate a portfolio, feel its potential and give it a perspective and a future. He is thoughtful, analytical and intuitive at the same time, qualities that have been the basis of his early successes. But he also knows how to be ahead of his time. A time that, of course, is going faster and faster these days.

Michel Santi, with Art Trading & Finance, his partner and his staff, is also blessed with a unique and very broad experience. He is both a leading specialist and a visionary generalist, and puts this wide range of experience at your service.

Indeed, this broad-spectrum specialist does not stop at these elements alone. He has also worked as an independent advisor to central banks. He is a columnist for economic and financial journals. And he has written eight books on finance, prefaced by great names, including Edgar Morin. His latest book - his ninth - will be out soon.

The future proves Michel Santi right

Michel Santi has always been a visionary. He knows how to think outside the box. This is what has made his success in the related fields that he touches and brings together. This is also why the combination of art and finance is especially successful when, with his well-trained team, he advises you in your choices.

Always up to date and incredibly impactful in his analyses, he was right before many other analysts. In the field of financial investment, he is a distinctive and solid advisor; and a particularly reassuring one.

While others cover their ears and close their eyes to avoid seeing the difficulties that are looming, Michel Santi knows how to anticipate for you. He is alongside you, always explaining you the reasons for his recommendations, with the serenity and composure that both his experience and his personality confer on him.

For many years now, this thoughtful entrepreneur has been talking far away from the repeated messages of a ready-made thinking that is not in tune with concrete reality.

This concrete reality proves him right today. If you want to make a coherent investment, in line with the difficulties of our time and allowing you to protect yourself for the future, Art Trading & Finance is an efficient, insightful and bold solution that will benefit you.

A first contact with no obligation

This is why, if you have an estate to safeguard, we suggest you to contact us.

Of course, you can visit Michel Santi's website to learn more about his career and his many skills, a guarantee of real added value for you and for your property, safe from the storms that are looming in the horizon.

The service we offer you includes the analytical, artistic and geopolitical aspects, but not only. Art Trading & Finance also takes care of contacts with museums, for example, if you want your assets, in the form of a work of art, to increase in value. We offer you a personalized and comprehensive service. We will be very happy to introduce you to it, because it is the result of proven expertise and passion.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your team at ATF


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