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Investing your money with a positive effect in mind

Investing your savings in a secure way by having a positive impact at the same time is a good thing. However, how can we do this in these troubled times? Investing in the stock market is really not a good idea. Indeed, the staggering performance of the stock market is worrying, considering the economic situation in real life. If you want to preserve and grow your assets while doing good to society, you have come to the right place. We take you into a world in which win-win situations override the gloomy aspects. Follow us into a realm where abundance prevails and beauty has its place. It is not opposed to profits, but rather complementary.

A positive impact and a fruitful estate

We won't keep you waiting any longer. Who are we? We are the Art Trading & Finance company, ATF. We are financiers as well as art experts. This uncommon combination of genres is what makes the strength of this company founded several years ago.

Behind this name, there are two co-founders, one of whom is Michel Santi, a renowned economist, columnist in major newspapers, who has also published a dozen very avant-garde works on economics and finance. He is also a passionate art enthusiast.

ATF shares your desire to preserve your assets while doing something meaningful, and that is the reason for its existence. Indeed, what could be more rewarding than making your assets grow while benefiting those around you? This is in fact the reality in which most of us wish to live.

A connection between your financial investment and a work of art

You are wondering how to make a financial investment that has a real positive impact on society. Our company, Art Trading & Finance, allows you to acquire a work of art. It can be, for instance, the creation of an artist whom you will support in his emergent career, and for whom you will be a real added value, all the while making your estate grow.

That is why your reality and the artist's career in which you choose to invest form a symbiotic link that is especially interesting for both of you. A win-win situation in this post-covid world.

This is where Michel Santi and his company, Art Trading & Finance, come into play to support you in your desire to contribute in a way that takes your interests into account. Because with art, many things are possible all the while keeping a watchful eye on the performance of the artwork and the artist; as well as on his trajectory, the country he comes from and the various strategies to follow.

Professionals attentive to your needs

Your first need may be to secure an amount of money from the storms that are looming. Here at Art Trading & Finance we have a team of professionals at your service for the purchase of works of art.

Of course, this purchase is not done like a stock market investment, with a single click. It's about knowing your tastes, if art appeals to you, if you want to follow an artist or simply invest your money in a way that is both productive and interesting.

It's all about being very clear about your goals and what we can offer you. Our range of services is vast since we act both as savvy financiers and as art dealers whose passion is a combination of experience and hindsight.

The purchase of an artwork is often a first step leading to an auction room. There, ATF will represent you after having defined the price limit not to be exceeded. It is a purchase that matches your aspirations. But we always keep in mind that your objective is also financial.

Several strategies are possible after the acquisition

We can offer you to opt for a work of art that you fell in love with – according to your interests. An artwork that you will enjoy contemplating in your living room.

Alternatively, it can be a painting that you lend to a museum, which will enhance the value of the item, thus increasing the selling price later on. We take care of everything for you, whether it's the logistics, the contacts with museums or insurance.

Finally, it can also happen that you want to store the item in a secure repository, waiting for time to do its work and for the artist's rating to increase. We are a reliable and solid partner in this case as well.

What is for sure is that this investment is a plus for you as well as the artist, whom you can sometimes meet and encourage. This has happened many times. Behind a story about financial investment, beautiful human stories often take place. The effects of a virtuous circle are often multiple...

On which basis should we make our choice?

Having a positive impact by diversifying your portfolio is a beautiful thing, but it is not enough.

Our expertise in assisting you in the choice of the artwork is based on four pillars whose principles are summarized here:

· studying the evolution of the artist's prices

· estimating the purchase price

· the portfolio's geographic distribution

· the diversification between modern and contemporary art

Acquiring artworks is a rewarding undertaking in every respect, for you, for your portfolio and for the chosen artists. It is an invigorating choice.

We will be happy to meet you in order to show you in more detail, with the help of examples corresponding to your personal situation, how beneficial it is to make a financial investment in a constructive way.

Please, feel free to contact us; we will be happy to meet you.

Your team at ATF


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