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Should you invest in the stock market at the present time?

Should you invest in the stock market at this time? Despite the current excellent performance of the stock markets, the answer is no, definitely no. If you possess an estate that you want to keep, ending up with a portfolio full of shares is the most dangerous move you can make right now. Admittedly, shares are very high. But they are absolutely not correlated with economic reality, and this is a real problem for your assets. Investing in a speculative bubble on the verge of bursting is really not a good idea. Unless you are not afraid of losing everything, in which case you must enjoy playing Russian roulette. The risk is very high. But then, what to do? Real estate? Gold? Leave the money in the bank to keep it safe? None of these three solutions is the right one. We at Art Trading & Finance will tell you why. We will also tell you how to cleverly invest your assets, which you rightly wish to preserve.

Investing in the stock market is very risky today

Of course, you might get lucky and retrieve your wealth right before the collapse. But it is more likely that you will join the ranks of the unfortunate gamblers, who have lost the equivalent of a lifetime of hard work, the inheritance of an entire lineage or years of savings due to voluntary work. Investing in the stock market is a truly risky operation at the moment.

You might think, as we are writing these lines, that the stock markets are reaching dizzying heights. But for how long, that is the real question you should be asking. And we come back to the speculative bubble we were talking about earlier. The risk is simply far too great and is not worth the effort.

What about other traditional investments?

Let's take a look at traditional investments, in order to examine the question from all sides, so to speak, and to have a clear understanding of the issue.

Gold is a volatile investment. It also poses a serious problem of transportation and storage. Having large amounts of gold at home puts your situation at risk. Putting it in a safe deposit box at the bank puts its access at risk, in case of a banking crisis. For all these reasons, gold is unreliable.

Although investing in stone is the most traditional investment in a tangible asset, it is also not a profitable business at the present time when, at the dawn of a banking crisis that we are all sensing, you risk ending up with an asset that will have cost you much more than you will be able to resell it.

As for keeping your money in a savings account, it cannot be recommended in this era of zero rates or negative rates that cause you to lose money by depositing it. You might as well keep cash at home. Under your mattress? Art Trading & Finance has much better to offer you than these folk remedies.

Investing in art is a really interesting alternative today

At this point, you may be tempted to give up. However, this would be a mistake because Art Trading & Finance has a profitable and stimulating solution, allowing you to get through the coming crisis with your head held high and your money safe.

Art Trading & Finance is a company specialized in financial investment in art. Our investments are much more secure and profitable today than those described above. Indeed, the price stability of a masterpiece is much more solid than all the investments explained earlier – especially the idea of investing in the stock market, since today's high returns are short-lived.

This investment in art has always been a safe bet, especially when the knowledge of art is backed by the knowledge of finance. Knowing how to read a work of art with the sharp eye of a financier gives your investments a safety that is quite rare at the present time, when the "world before" seems to be crumbling.

A safe deposit thanks to an investment in works of art

Investing in works of art rather than investing in the stock market is a good idea thanks to the success conditions offered by Art Trading & Finance.

· Its knowledge of finance in general. Its two founders have demonstrated a real expertise with a first financial company of about 40 employees in Geneva.

· Its expertise in the economic field, since Michel Santi, one of the two co-founders, is a

renowned economist, ahead of his time. He has never been afraid of being right well ahead of his time. His ten or so books on finance and economics, prefaced by great names such as Edgar Morin, and which the press talks about, are proof of this.

· Its fine knowledge of the art market, as much by passion as by experience. We choose the artworks according to your wishes and the possibilities of the art market, and we manage the logistics and the network for you, with you. The art market requires a sharp skill that Art Trading & Finance demonstrates with its four-pillar method, for instance.

· Its ability to combine the analysis of financial charts with its knowledge of modern or contemporary art and geopolitics which are important in the choice of works in a diversified portfolio.

Looking far and wide for an interesting return

Art Trading & Finance has therefore both the strong support of its team and the extraordinary skills of Michel Santi, financier and economist, who tirelessly restates the same visionary ideas. This has been the case in the course of his ten books and his appearances in the media, as a columnist in newspapers and on television, notably on RT France.

Being right too far in advance can be difficult to live with. But when comes the time when predictions turn out to be true, the cumulative experience makes Art Trading & Finance a truly essential company. Because no other company has acquired so much experience, knowledge and pearls of wisdom that benefit your investments. These are constructive investments, protecting your assets from the storm.

Today, visionary investments are the only ones capable of surviving the crisis that is here and will unfortunately continue to amplify. And no, investing in the stock market is really not a good idea anymore.

To find out about the financial performance of works of art, click on this link.

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on how to secure your estate.

Your team at ATF


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