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How to escape from the speculative bubble?

You have an estate and you have placed it on the stock market. As we are writing this article, stock market values are soaring. You could say that everything is fine. However, you feel uneasy. Your intuition tells you that everything could collapse like a house of cards. And your wealth could be reduced to a mere pittance. You don't know how to escape from the stock market's speculative bubble. We have a solution for you, so that you can regain your peace of mind. We are Art Trading & Finance and we also believe that today's sharp rise in the stock market is worrying. There is however a good countermeasure to this surge in shares prices, a surge that is not in line with reality. First of all, let's look at the context in order to understand the cure to apply.

How to escape from the speculative bubble?

Since March 2020 and the confinement of many nations, one of the only human activities that seems to have remained economically healthy is the speculative activity. Completely out of touch with the real economy, the stock market is soaring to dizzying heights. How can we fail to see it as a speculative bubble in the making and, above all, how can we escape it?

Let’s recall the dark years of 2007, 2008 and the following years, with the subprime crisis. Everything that seemed solid until then was crumbling in our hands. That's when AAA-rated securities, even though they were backed by real estate that seemed very concrete, suddenly succumbed. Leaving its buyers dispossessed, literally and figuratively. Most people did not expect it. Caught in the fury of a generalized and blind craze, investors didn’t understand anything anymore.

Today, the situation is even clearer than it was in the subprime era. The economy is drained. Reality seems to be catching up to us faster and faster. And yet, the banner of stock market speculation is waving proudly, seemingly taunting companies that are closing and the arcades emptied of their merchants.

The stock market is a danger for savers

Make no mistake about this: the stock market is now putting your assets at risk. However, you have naturally seen it as a refuge because of its rise to the climax of every stock market investor's dream. A few explanations are necessary at this stage, to help you see more clearly.

In these uncertain times, it is normal to be reassured by indicators that seem reliable. Logically, given today's triumphant figures, an investor who no longer knows how to protect his finances may seek refuge there. Which, at the present time, is really a terrible idea.

The level at which shares have risen is inversely proportional to the collapsing economy. So, beware of the stock market! Just as the subprime crisis was preceded by widespread euphoria, just as the Titanic thought it was unsinkable, the stock market is about to see its bubble burst. No one can say when exactly. But Art Trading & Finance can already tell you that, alas, this will not last much longer.

So, unless you enjoy playing Russian roulette, you'd better get away from this mirage that will soon fade away.

An alternative for your wealth: gold or real estate?

In these troubled times, traditional safe values such as gold or real estate seem risky. The known world is eluding us, slipping through our fingers. This also applies to these famous safe values, which are also becoming a kind of pixie dust.

Indeed, gold is first of all a very speculative and volatile element. For those who want to protect their assets, it is not ideal in these uncertain times. Moreover, gold poses a problem of storage and transport. The more an investor buys gold, the more these delicate issues become important.

As for the purchase of real estate with the sole objective of investing one's assets, it goes without saying that it is risky. When so many companies are going out of business, it would be adventurous to end up with a property that has become unsaleable for a lack of buyers. And what's more, having lost part of its value! The end of the 2000s is a powerful enough memory to ensure that we no longer make the mistake of considering real estate as a refuge.

Investing in art is a good solution under certain conditions

Here at Art Trading & Finance, a company active in both art and finance, we believe that art is one of the best investments available today.

Art is a tangible asset that is much easier to manage than gold. You can hang it on the wall, lend it to a museum, or put it in a warehouse specifically designed for that purpose. A work of art is thus a safe investment. It is truly a safe value nowadays.

Provided, of course, that art serves its purpose, which is to ensure the good health of your financial assets. This is why you need to call on professionals from both the fields of art and finance simultaneously. Art at the service of finance, in a constructive way.

Investing in works of art is a double profession in which you cannot improvise. With his four pillars method, Michel Santi, one of the company's two co-founders, has truly made this innovative product particularly effective in protecting your assets.

Michel Santi is a renowned economist, a world-class financier, a successful entrepreneur and a first-rate thinker. A thinker who is also particularly pragmatic. As a visionary, he is always several steps ahead of his peers. He knows how to think outside the box, outside of dogmas. In other words, he is free. Which, in these uncertain times, is particularly important for his clients. And for you, if you wish and need to keep your assets safe.

The whole team at Art Trading & Finance is at work to personalize the service we offer you. The acquisition of a work of art with the aim to preserve and grow your assets requires finesse, love for art and a thorough financial analysis. As well as the subtlety to understand and respond to your specific needs. So, feel free to contact us; we will be pleased to answer you.

We are looking forward to meeting you

Your team at ATF


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