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Should we fear a major stock market crash in 2020 or 2021?

The stock market suffered a mini-crash in March 2020, at a time when the whole planet was in a state of panic due to the coronavirus. Surprisingly, stock market shares quickly recovered, and our leaders have gone back to their dogmatic and existential fixation on austerity measures. The pandemic is causing mayhem? Let's turn up the heat a bit more! And this is happening against all common sense, as explained by Michel Santi, a renowned economist, co-founder of Art Trading & Finance, independent advisor to central banks and author of numerous books on finance and economics.

His latest book, to be published shortly in 2020, is entitled “Testament d’un économiste désabusé” (“The will of a disillusioned economist”). This book, which is harsh towards finance but written in a reader-friendly way, sheds light on the reality of our world. Should we fear a stock market crash? Whatever the case, we must be aware of the reality of this speculative bubble. Michel Santi guides us through the mysteries of the world of finance, which is more accessible than it seems.

Having a clear vision of this world that keeps us in chains allows us to manage our money wisely, without giving in to the fear that seems to have contaminated our society and makes us take very bad decisions. Here too, the hindsight offered by Michel Santi's latest book is a real breath of fresh air. We can finally understand something; finance is not reserved for an elite! It belongs to every one of us. Everyone can act according to their needs rather than guided by their feelings; we can be wise citizens rather than mere wisps of straw on a raging sea. This is what is so invigorating.

Why is a stock market crash likely to happen soon?

The situation is so incoherent that a stock market crash in the near future seems to be a given. Will it happen in 2020, in 2021? It is impossible to be precise, but the disaster is imminent. It is impossible for a sane mind to conceive a stock market boom at a time when the world economic situation is catastrophic. So we might as well calmly prepare ourselves and think outside the usual framework formatted by a thinking drained of its substance by a paralyzing fear.

Wise investors should withdraw their chips from what is likely to turn into a sort of carnage. Especially if they made the mistake of looking at the numbers without worrying about the heart rate of the seriously ill patient that the stock market has become today. A stock market so closely linked to finance rather than to the real economy.

Making the right decisions regarding your bank assets

Co-founder of the Art Trading & Finance company after having founded a first SME with about forty employees in the field of finance, Michel Santi has pragmatism written in his genes.

He also has the drive and the desire to share and make his knowledge available to as many people as possible, and to make the obscure world of economy and finance more accessible. His lucidity allows him to explain our reality with courage in order to advise the public and his clients on their wealth, so that we can make the right decisions with full knowledge of the facts.

Escaping from the delusion

It is therefore highly inadvisable to follow the world of finance, which continues its mad dash with insane stock market profits. Profits which are inevitably doomed to crash along with the dreams, the toil and the wealth of those who will have fallen for the snake oil that the stock market prices represent today, as we are writing these lines, in late summer 2020.

It is true that when we possess a certain amount of money, we can be tempted by the monumental excesses of the profits listed on the stock market. For how long, however, is the question we should be asking ourselves. And this article answers it.

The great economist John Maynard Keynes used to compare capitalism to the game of musical chairs. When the music stops, everyone has to sit down, but there are not enough chairs for all players. Considering what is awaiting us, it is best to avoid getting into the game now, or get out of it quickly if you fell into the trap.

Investing in art, a profitable option

Which option should you trust? That's the whole question; because we all realize that financial instruments are in a frenzy. Today, they are only a compass for investors who are still hoping without any reason – there are still a few left! – that the world will go back to the way it was before; at a time when our entire society is going through a turning point, an exit from the delusion.

Here at Art Trading & Finance we believe that investing in tangible assets such as works of art is both an original and rewarding way to protect one's wealth.

Of course, this requires having both the artistic and financial aspects covered. This is precisely what makes Art Trading & Finance so special, as it focuses its expertise on both fields in parallel.

This allows you to acquire a work of art that will gradually increase in value after a thorough artistic and financial analysis by Michel Santi and his team. It also avoids you from having unpleasant surprises with the stock market and other options that are classic but have become risky.

With the four-pillar method implemented by Art Trading & Finance your assets will be much more secure than with many other options that could end up being a sinkhole for your savings, in view of the very worrying global economic situation. This way, the coming stock market crash will not affect your savings.

If you are looking for reliable solutions to protect your money from the financial crisis and future turmoil, you can contact our team for a first meeting without obligation.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your team at ATF

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