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What is the best investment?

We are living in a time when the world is moving, changing and becoming more and more surprising for all of us every day, making it complicated for you to decide how to invest your fortune. What is the best investment? Broad question.

A question you are having a hard time answering by yourself. How to valorize your assets? This is becoming a conundrum for you, a complicated and worrying issue.

Art Trading & Finance can however bring the solution to your troubles. With their experience as both financiers and art dealers, and as clever and skilled collectors for 30 years, its founders are active in these two fields with both a financier and connoisseur mindset.

What is the best investment?

Art really is a very interesting solution. However, very few people know about it. It is also true that having this double expertise – the blend of financial and art enthusiast expertise – is rare. It requires fine judgement and having experience in both fields. This is why we are able to advise you properly and to increase the value of the good you purchased.

This investment can sometimes bring you huge returns, without having to deal with companies that cause harm to society, such as unemployment and the social misery it brings. Our world – the new world – is less and less able to remain in denial. And it is a good thing.

When you invest in art, you are dealing with beauty, with a constructive vision of life, and you are supporting rising artists. This way, you allow them to develop all the while growing your portfolio.

Investing in art is a win-win solution which adds value to your assets and puts an artist forward.

Why is art an unknown investment?

When Michel Santi and Christian-Marc Keller founded their company, Art Trading & Finance, they were very surprised by the lack of activity in this field. And they obviously asked themselves the question. Why is it so?

Investing in art requires time, expertise and passion. Totally convinced by their approach, they are the best proof that this investment is profitable. They have experienced it themselves.

However, unlike more traditional financial institutions, Art Trading & Finance doesn’t launch this concept as a product. Art Trading & Finance is about something else: the reconciliation of two worlds. You should see Michel Santi talking with passion about this concept combining art and finance and about the conviction of bringing something really useful to the world.

A professional and human support

How could a traditional institution compete with this particularly intense passion and with this efficiency? Art Trading & Finance offers you the best of its expertise. At a time of relentless robotization, the investment and human support offered by the company is unmatched.

It is a matter of expertise in the fields of art and finance, of course. A matter of network too. As well as a matter of taking time for you.

Art Trading & Finance offers you a high quality service. Taking advantage of an extensive network of contemporary artists, art dealers, museums and competent insurers around the world, they understand your needs. They will find exactly the artwork you need to effectively enhance and diversify your portfolio.

The ATF team has a strong relationship with this network. It is an enduring relationship built on respect and made to last, and you will benefit from this relational investment. Art Trading & Finance is committed to make your assets grow with a trusted network strengthened over time.

Escaping the financial storms

There is nothing but benefits for you.

You are welcomed – in person or online – for a first contact and an evaluation of your needs, your tastes and the specificity of what you are looking for. Do you want the artwork you acquire to be exhibited in a museum, thus increasing its fame and, therefore, its value? No problem. Thanks to its vast network in the field of art, Art Trading & Finance can offer you this service.

Depending on your needs, Art Trading & Finance will search for the rare gem that suits your taste and will make your assets grow.

Because let's not forget that, originally, the co-founders are financiers as well. This is the hallmark of the company they founded, after spending more than ten years at the head of a flourishing financial company employing around 40 people.

Therefore, the eye of the financier is there, sharp, looking after your interests with all the acuity that has made past successes possible. Art Trading & Finance is also there to protect your assets from the financial storms that are looming or are already here.

It is therefore important today to have a safe, innovative and inventive approach to your current and future investments, so that you can sleep soundly.

To learn more about the founders, we invite you to visit the Art Trading & Finance website.

And if you would like to have more information about Michel Santi, you can satisfy your curiosity. In addition to his entrepreneurial skills, Michel Santi is also a renowned macro-economist and writer, author of eight innovative books on his vision of economy. Last but not least, Michel Santi is also a columnist in the economic press and a financial advisor to central banks.

Combining art and finance implies a change of paradigm and opening one's mind to another way of investing. A more secure way than what we have today – we will come back to this in another article. A more ethical way too. For the founders, making good investments is totally compatible with a constructive vision of things and of the world we live in.

Ecology, respect for workers and a particularly profitable investment for your assets finally go hand in hand. You become an active player in this world which we aspire to hand down to our descendants. And it is thanks to the support and innovative expertise of Art Trading & Finance. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your specific projects and aspirations with you.

Your team at ATF


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