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Where should you invest your money?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Where should you invest your money? Nothing seems safe anymore. The most profitable investments become risky, the world is going upside down and you fear that your investment may be struck by misfortune. Nothing is working properly at the moment, so it is especially important to act smart. To act with vision. To make investments that will be far more secure than the traditional ones, which used to work so well for a long time. This series of setbacks will naturally make you think. You can no longer act by automatism, because then, beware of backlash! Is the situation hopeless? No, there are solutions. Different, innovative solutions. Solutions that, in addition to preserving your assets, allow you to be a pioneer with regard to society and the world of finance. You will have thought of them before anyone else. Yes, but thought about what? That's what we will discuss in this article.

Where should you invest your money?

As we have seen, the classic approach no longer works when we ask ourselves where to invest our money. That's why it is important to combine concepts, with the help of professionals. What we suggest to you is to combine finance and art, with the help of experts in both fields.

Indeed, Art Trading & Finance is a leading company in the field of finance. One of its founders, Michel Santi, is a renowned economist and a visionary. He has always been a decade ahead of his fellow economists, which has forged his reputation. That is why, notably, he was highly regarded as an independent adviser to many central banks. He also wrote many acclaimed books about his vision of economy.

Michel Santi is also a talented art dealer, as well as a passionate and knowledgeable advisor. He loves artists and knows how to make their work financially profitable, by recommending you either safe bets or emerging artists, and by mastering all the technical aspects that increase the value of a work of art, from its exhibition in a museum to its storage in a warehouse. Whether you choose to display your property on your wall or to make it travel around – so to speak – and gain fame, everything is possible with the Art Trading & Finance team.

Investing your money in art, a risky bet?

What does seem risky is to take a wait-and-see approach and just stick to traditional investments without thinking! The future belongs to the bold, to those who dare and don't do things just out of fear.

As we all know, nothing is the same after this coronavirus crisis that has shaken so many certainties. Where are we going? Tough question! But a bank account or a traditional investment are no longer panaceas, that much is certain!

Art, on the other hand, is not a risky bet when you are assisted by experts in both fields! Indeed, it is a matter of making a careful financial analysis of an artist's work. Art Trading & Finance takes care of it, with great pleasure! But this also requires being a connoisseur. And only passion allows you to know everything about the artists who will be the safe bets of tomorrow.

Michel Santi began doing this for himself, at the time when he became the co-founder and successful head of an SME operating in the financial sector in Geneva. His passion has lit a flame that has never been extinguished. And that is what led him to offer this unique... and so useful service in these times.

Why are traditional investments risky today?

Because, like we said, the world has changed so much that a mother cat wouldn't be able to find her kittens anymore! So, we have to be organized in order to deal with this society in disarray. Because behind the health crisis is hiding a financial crisis that prefers letting a virus have the villain part.

The real virus is the one that unfortunately was never cured in 2008. Therefore, it is still active, gnawing at the arteries of our assets until it delivers the final blow. This is why leaving a lot of money in the current financial system is – in our opinion – a real risk today.

As a matter of fact, we have a foretaste of this with the Lebanese crisis, which is leaving the country bleeding to death. Lebanon has long been considered the Switzerland of the Middle East. Honestly, who would have thought this could happen? Nobody, probably. And yet, withdrawals have become impossible, and the currency has been devalued...

Therefore, it is much better to be safe than sorry, and our offer here at ATF allows you to protect your financial assets.

What guarantee for this different investment?

The guarantee is the experience of Art Trading & Finance, who has been able to make a company grow up to about forty employees in the field of finance. The guarantee is also that one of its two co-founders is a solid value in finance and art.

Finally, the guarantee is that Michel Santi is a true visionary who knows how to make his vision come true and implement it with strength, expertise and enthusiasm. It is the perfect mix to make everything a success. ATF is never happier than when its clients are satisfied. ATF believes in a win-win situation.

Also, see how much the works written by Michel Santi are avant-garde and prefaced by people of great renown, such as Edgar Morin, for example.

In any case, we suggest you take a look at Michel Santi's website and see that he is an authority in these fields. In addition, you can also get in touch with the ATF team and we will be happy to arrange a meeting – even online – to give you more explanations!

We look forward to meeting you.

Your team at ATF

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